Mission ForChosen Investment Fund is developing successful investments to help to Investors and Entrepreneurs to increase their financial wealth and to form harmonious lifestyle together with all ForChosen Club Members and thanks to the best ForChosen team of professionals and the unique investment projects.

Vision ⦿ ForChosen Investment Fund is successful consulting & investment Company and Co-Investor managing in 2025 with investment portfolio up to $1B in high profitable projects with reasonable managing risks, with up to 100 the best high loyalty Clients and team of up to 20 professionals enjoying to make money together & to spend money together in unforgettable way.

Values ❤︎ ForChosen Investment Fund has follow values:
~ Client care;
~ Client – Friend;
~ Efficiency;
~ Honesty;
~ Uniqueness;
~ Teamwork - we are one family;
~ Responsibility;
~ Consistency;
~ Confidentiality;
~ Money is not a goal for us, but a means;
~ Constant growth; we invest in the best;
~ A balance of short-term and long-term goals;
~ A balance of successful business and personal happy life.